The Lies We Tell Ourselves

When you are experiencing long-term depression, there are many lies that you tell yourself day in and day out. It becomes so consistent, so persuasive, that we begin to believe them! They become our thoughts, our feelings, … our actions.

Recognizing the Lies

The common types of lies are self-deprecating. Have you ever said this to yourself?

  • “I can’t do this because I am [insert insult – stupid, dumb, fat, etc]”
  • “No one likes me because I am …”
  • “No one understands me”
  • “I am alone”

Notice that the statements are always simple. It’s nothing substantial. It’s just the same as a bully picking on you.

How do you stop this?

I like to think that the lies originate from a tiny demon or shadow that’s whispering in your ear. They can be controlled and even silenced at times. The strength of their words rely on your willingness to listen.

By personifying the negativity, you regain some control. For instance, if you believe that the person saying this to you is Sid from Toy Story, then you can easily tell him to shut the hell up or go away.


The Big Meanie – just a stupid kid

Sometimes that’s not enough

In this instance, I would suggest that you find a piece of paper and a pen (or just type it out – whatever you prefer) and begin replying to the statements.

For example: 

The lie – “I can’t go to the gym today because I am too fat and everyone will laugh at me.”

Begin replying to this. Have a full conversation if you must.”

Me: “Well, everyone starts off somewhere. Besides, usually people are more focused on their workout to see what I’m doing.”
Liar: “Nope. You probably suck at this.”
Me: “I can always try. There’s no harm in trying.”
Liar: “You’ll fail”
Me: “The point is to work out. To feel better. Not to win anything.”

You get the idea. Just keep doing this and you’ll come to realize that the original lie is beginning to look more and more ridiculous.

I highly, highly recommend looking at this website. TUT – Notes from the Universe

You’re rolling your eyes. Don’t deny it. I did the same thing. Getting an email from the universe?? Okay, but hear me out. It helps. It’s a little boost of positivity sent straight to your email inbox for you to read every morning (weekends excluded).

Example of what you may see:


It’s pretty awesome. Please check it out. Feel free to unsubscribe to it if it doesn’t help you.

So this is running a bit longer than I had intended. Until next time! As always, please feel free to send me a message if you would like me to cover something that I have not yet covered. Have an amazing weekend! You deserve some fun. 

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