Useful Links

Have you ever wanted to look into a site mentioned somewhere but forget to bookmark the page? Please see below for a list of links that were discussed in the posts.


Tips to Ease an Anxiety Attack
This is something that I believe should be made readily available. There’s just not a lot of information out there that you can find easily.
Discussed on the post: Immediate Relief of Anxiety and Panic Attacks


TUT – Notes from the universe: TUT
What it is: You receive a daily email filled with positive and encouraging messages. You are able to personalize it by adding your name, and some of the goals that you wish to achieve.
Discussed on the post: The Lies We Tell Ourselves


Weightless: Marconi Union – Weightless
What it is: This is just the 10 hour version of the song Weightless by Marconi Union. It is said that the song is designed to reduce anxiety as well. 
Discussed in the post: The Insomnia Effect


What it is: A website full of hobbies and activities that you can try.  Hopefully, you get to make new friends through this shared interest. Categories include writing, fitness, art, hobbies, sport groups, book clubs, and more!
Discussed in the post: The Question of Identity